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Michael and Debbie Millner have been in the financial world for over 25 years.  They have spent the last 15 years helping candidates and Political Committees with their treasury functions. 

In this capacity, they have done it all – State, Local, and Federal Candidates along with Political Committees. Their accurate filing, along with strict due diligence on all contributions and disbursements allows candidates to focus on winning a campaign, instead of worrying about financial issues.

Political Accounting Group Owners, Michael and Debbie Millner
Deb & Mike Millner-007_edited.jpg

Mike and Deb believe that your work should speak for itself.


Therefore, over the last decade, their client base expanded through word of mouth. They have decided to open their business to others who have never heard of the great service they provide and badly need help with campaign finance.

This is why they founded, “Political Accounting Group, LLC.”


Together, they are available to assist all candidates and Political Committees with all the functions of financial reporting along with advice on fundraising, software, and cost containment.

Their clients know them for their straightforward answers, expert reporting capabilities, and availability to reach either one of them at almost any time of the day or night.


Don’t believe this?  Just ask any of their four children, who see them on the phone at home, in the car, and even during their sporting events!


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